As young adults, most of us are conscientious about our environment. We are into Green Tech and are concerned about sustainability.

Renewable Resource - All Natural - Sustainable - Green  - Wildlife - Quality Habitat - Clean Water

These are all words and concepts which are important to both humans and wildlife.

Did you know North America has the best managed wildlife in the world? Do you know who cares enough to pay for this management?

The answer is the American Sportsperson -- hunters, fishermen and trappers.

Our website will help you learn about the smallest and least understood segment: Trappers and the furbearers they harvest.
Students. Educators. Environmentalists. Outdoorsmen.
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All information presented on this website has been carefully researched and is scientifically provable.
 It is Fact, not Fiction.

Attributes of the Foothold Trap
Best Management Practices

Introduction Video

Trapping in Today's World

North American Model of Wildlife Conservation
Courtesy of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

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Managing Vermont's Furbearer Animals
Courtesy of Vermont Fish & Wildlife

Regulated Trapping & Furbearer Management Courtesy of IAF&W

Trapping Matters
Courtesy of IAF&W

Releasing Your Dog from a Trap
Courtesy of Idaho Fish & Wildlife

Trapper Ethics
Courtesy of Wisconsin
Department of Natural Resources

Furbearer Education

Furbearer Education

Opportunity for All:  The Story of the North American Model for Wildlife Conservation
Courtesy of Rocky Mtn. Elk Foundation

Zip-Tie Method of Removing a Body Grip Trap
Courtesy of Minnesota Trappers Association

Click image for printable instructions on this educational tool for pet owners.

Animal Traps - How to Release Your Pet

Canadian Trappers Help US Fisher Program
Courtesy of Alberta Trappers

Introduction Video

Trapped! - An Article by Tom Davis
Courtesy of Tom Davis, published in Shooting Sportsman Magazine
What happens when a sporting dog is caught in a foothold trap? Click the image below to read the entire article.